Lebanon: Chapter One

Lebanon:  ∆  :chapter one
"we eat, we drink, we party"


This month I had the amazing opportunity to venture back to the motherland and connect with family like never before. Taking off from Los Angeles California I first spent a week in Northern California struggling with the Indian Embassy over my lost passport, all the while enjoying the beautiful and invigorating San Francisco and on and off moments of peace at my home more north (you can see images from that here).

Then if was off to Lebanon where the adventure began! I will let the images tell the story, but for background sake: half of my family flew to Lebanon to witness my cousin compete in the Miss Lebanon Immigrant pageant. It was such an awesome experience getting to bond over competition and the massive amounts of food that accompanies everything in that country.

I've amassed a two part story of my time, so please, sit back and take a journey with me through photos that highlight the beauty of both my country and my trip; the first of which is titled, "we eat, we drink, we party". Take a moment to remove yourself from the western connotation that those three words have and enjoy it, family style, the way the Lebanese do.