GREEK GOD SERIES / ii aphrodite

It was too warm at 9 am when LuLu and I headed down to Venice beach to pop in the water and take some Aphrodite themed photos. Aphrodite has always been a Goddess of interest for me and not because she is the goddess of love. I actually contribute my intrigue to the show Xena warrior princess. The writers of that show were always stringing such humanity into the Greek Gods, and Aphrodite was no different so when I had the idea to restring her classic myth into something a little more human, more desperate I ran with it.

The Gods are jealous, angry-- superhuman with human emotions. In short Aphrodite's new myth, according to me, is that the sea was so jealous of her beauty it spit her out, stripping her of her memory and leaving her with a desperate ache to return to which she came but not knowing why.

I hope these images speak to you, in one way or another.